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Bar Bistro Conto 4056

Gasstrasse 1, Basel, BS 4056
  ·   km entfernt
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Bar Bistro Conto 4056 ist ein Restaurant an der Gasstrasse 1 in Basel.

La Camera at Conto 4056 is a little venue in an former bank vault. We open for special occasions like wine tastings, oyster evenings or cocktail nights. The @Conto 4056 opened its doors on may 2013. Since then it's an established Bar/Bistro at the Voltaplatz in the St. Johann. The building itself was originally a bank, but as the bank was closed down some years ago, we renovated it and opened the Conto. The interior is still in a kind-of original condition, so that you can take the elevator to descend into the vault of the former bank. The vault, or as we call it La Camera is a little bank vault room with all the secret lockers where once gold, money and other stuff was securely stored. Now, we serve food and drink specialties there - be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to not miss it. If you want to subscribe or make a reservation, please write us at Special conditions apply and we take only up to 10 people.

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Bar Bistro Conto 4056Gasstrasse 1, Basel, Basel-City